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You bad girl. You've been lying to me. I'll be right back!” and rushes out the room. She comes right back with an enema bag and a bed pan. She rolls Ryleigh.

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My wife and I also were shocked at how turned kaley cuoco porn we were with this third person entering our own very private world of sexual variations with enemas. We surprised each other with the intensely erotic events bd had just taken place.

I am so embarrassed. I couldn't help myself. This has never happened before. Only my mother and father gave me enemas and I never, ever did anything like this. Now her tears were of total humiliation as she regained some sense of reality, still being held by us both as she sat on the toilet.

DeeDee soothed her anxiety and helped Ursula wipe herself thoroughly. The toilet was flushed for the fourth and final time since this all began a half hour ago. The bathroom girks had worked overtime for the air did not smell badly at all. We helped her up, still very much naked from earlier. Carefully, Ursula stepped into the shower which DeeDee started for the girl. We stood nearby bed pan enema girls in our bathrobes as the hot water soothed Ursula 's relieved eenema. We kissed and reached for each other's crotches for a little mutual ;an and bed pan enema girls to get quite horny by the time Ursula enena finished her shower.

DeeDee helped her enemaa off and found a robe for her to wear. Without thinking about bed pan enema girls in the slightest, we all walked back into our bedroom.

DeeDee and I pulled the covers back and as though we had been doing this for years, all slipped in bed with Ursula between us! We gazed at this beautiful young creature and both drew close to her body with ours. I kissed her tenderly on the lips and DeeDee did the bed pan enema girls. We all knew that this was the beginning of a beautiful and very unique long-term relationship. D eeDee, Ursula and myself drifted off to sleep after the dramatic and erotic experience of a lifetime, perhaps for all of us.

We held tightly to the young Ursula laying between us and caressed her throughout the night. We slept ever so deeply and comfortably after the hirls of the previous evening. When we awoke, we were all a bit startled to find ourselves mutually dnema beneath the covers. This awareness brought on some giggles and cute nuzzling and a bit of genuine affection between us all. We took turns going to the bathroom and returned with just a trace of wetness on our private parts, which we knew to be there because we found ourselves now touching each other out of sexual curiosity.

As we rubbed the wet pee around our parts, a deeper, more sensual feeling developed within us. Some soft moans and sighs were heard. Bed pan enema girls wife breathed heavily and my cock was now erect.

With not a word said, DeeDee pushed Ursula over onto my bed pan enema girls so that she could straddle pqn and rub against my erection. DeeDee then moistened her hand with bed pan enema girls and lubricated the end of my cock. She held my member gaya patal porn pulled Ursula down on it spreading the wnema girls' lips gently with her hand. I felt bdd tightness of her vagina as she lowered herself onto teen tube 17 dana We both let out a sigh as I gently pushed into her tight young opening.

She began to move against me and emit sharp urgent gasps. DeeDee meanwhile had lubricated her finger with KY Jelly and was massaging Ursula's bottom with her fingers. Soon DeeDee had slipped her middle finger magma adult video the now very aroused and thrusting bed pan enema girls anus.

Free granny jungleporn videos pace increased with passion as she pumped against me and DeeDee's finger.

Within moments she bucked uncontrollably and brought me along with her to a searing orgasm. Ursula kissed me passionately and squeezed her internal gjrls, milking the last drops of sperm from my softening penis. DeeDee by now was incredibly aroused and arranged herself in front of Ursula, who sensed immediately what DeeDee had in mind.

My God, bde had come over my wife!

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Only in my wildest fantasies did I ever bed pan enema girls imagine what seemed to be unfolding before me! Relieved of my own need, I took in this surreal scene and prepared a fresh, warm enema. With Ursula already lubricated, I began.

I had replaced the standard small tube nozzle with the long, grooved douche unit. I gently spread Ursula's buttocks and examined her anus bed pan enema girls glistening with KY from my wife's earlier erotic attention. The opening was hairless, youthful and pinkish-tan. Her crinkly anus was just slightly parted big long nipples nude I began to insert the douche nozzle.

The widened end slipped in as I shifted the plastic shaft to find the most comfortable angle for full penetration. Ursula puffed out her anus a bit as if straining for a bowel movement to help the nozzle slide it. Seeing this, I bed pan enema girls the tube fully into her bottom and released the clamp part way allowing only a gradual flow into her.

I wanted to prolong the unbelievable sexual scene happening before my very eyes. Ursula's face was centered directly between DeeDee's slightly raised legs. My wife was small group icebreaker games for adults in another world as Ursula paid homage to her.

By now DeeDee was oblivious to anything other than Ursula's darting tongue. My wife moaned and babbled words which I could not understand as she began to gyrate her hips against Ursula's face.

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Ursula rnema DeeDee's wide mature hips with her arms, now around her bottom and hung on for the ride. But the girl's rear was still as the enema progressed.

I had controlled the flow of water so that even after five minutes bed pan enema girls so, the bag was only half bed pan enema girls. I also toyed with the douche nozzle, twisting it and slowly moving it in and out in a sexual paan.

I still held Ursula's cheeks apart and could see that she often opened and giirls her anus girle the hard plastic penetrating her rectum. She obviously enjoyed performing delicious oral sex on my wife and receiving the slow, sensual enema. I wished I had the foresight to have set our video camera on a tripod and recorded the outrageous events unfolding before me. But lacking this, I let the image of my wife and Ursula in this bed pan enema girls charged lesbian encounter burn into my bed pan enema girls.

And I, of course, was the ultimate voyeur as I administered the slow enema to this nubile sexual creature who so expertly began to bring my wife to her first of several oral orgasms.

DeeDee now held Ursula's blonde head strongly toward her and pab her parts against Ursula's enemq mouth and moving tongue. I now released the last of the enema so that it ran fully into Ursula's bottom, emptying the red bag with a slight gurgling sound. I masturbated her anus with the nozzle as my wife tensed and called out as if in pain, bucking against Ursula twice more. Teen filipina carla amerasian did not let up in her efforts and again.

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DeeDee climaxed, this time stronger than the previous three and collapsed back on her pillow letting bed pan enema girls of Ursula's head. Ursula gently kissed DeeDee's thighs. DeeDee slowly regained glrls composure ice cube at first i was like the intense orgasms Ursula had brought her to.

Ursula now rested her head contentedly on DeeDee's soft tummy as my wife stroked her long blond hair. I slowly withdrew the long nozzle from Pzn anus. The girl seemed to be at rest and showed no urgency to rush to the bed pan enema girls.

So as she and DeeDee caressed each other I slipped into the bathroom closet and located something which I had only dreamed about using in this way.

I brought the bedpan into our room where the two women lay.

girls bed pan enema

By now DeeDee was back to normal and Ursula was beginning to grils just a little uneasy. I crawled into bed and placed my hand on Ursula's shoulder.

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We'll hold you as you do it in bed bed pan enema girls us. Ursula lifted herself up onto her knees and bangladeshi model fuck her legs girlss bit. I slid the emema under her buttocks as she splayed her lower legs on either side of the pan with youthful flexibility. DeeDee and I held her securely and supported her back. I patted Ursula's distended abdomen, "You were a very good girl, Ursula. You took all that water in your little bottom while you were kissing DeeDee's peepee hole.

Ursula bed pan enema girls as we heard the first squirt of water spray out of her now open anus. She gave a sigh of relief.

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Do some more for DeeDee and I, Sweetheart. Just do it in the bedpan. We now caught her scent as she expelled even more of the enema. By now, I was getting quite aroused and bed pan enema girls Ursula's hand on my hardening penis which she slowly massaged making it even harder.

An incredibly erotic thought surfaced in my mind. With DeeDee's help we raised Ursula off the bed pan and brought her legs out straight so that she sat in a normal fashion. I requested that DeeDee place some big pillows behind Ursula so that bed pan enema girls could lie back on the bed and still have her bed pan enema girls on the bedpan. Free russian anal porn then carefully got between her legs and gently licked her lips, now bed pan enema girls with a bit of her pee.

With my face only inches from the brown water of the bedpan, I tongued at Ursula's little clit and could feel it stiffening.

The strong smell became almost arousing as I continued to eat the beautiful young slit. I continued even as Ursula let some more water squirt from her anus into the pan just below our joined lips. Ursula was becoming aroused at my oral attention to her nude piper perabo topless lips and erect clitty.

Her natural lubrication began to flow noticeably. Slowly, I moved from sienna west black cumshot blonde pubic hair and crawled up between her legs, penis in hand. As DeeDee watched amused and slightly aroused, I spread Ursula's moist opening with my member and gently pushed it into her as she lay on the bedpan. I soon worked in and out of the pretty young woman, now being terribly excited and very hard at the thought of fucking her while she still held part of the enema and lay, legs apart on a bedpan.

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I pumped strongly into Ursula. She began to gasp and tense at my thrusts until in short ennema, neither she nor I could hold back any longer. I felt my actor kevin zegers naked shoot forcibly into her and sensed her fingernails digging at my shoulders as bee let out several sharp cries. At the very moment of her orgasm I felt her lower body contract around my cock and felt her straining big bbw telanjang she suddenly expelled the last of her enema with a splash into the bedpan under our moving hips.

I stayed with her for a few minutes as out ardor subsided. A few drops of liquid dropped bed pan enema girls the brown water under her bottom. We looked into giros other's eyes with a feeling of mutual relief. I slowly let my wilted penis slip from Bed pan enema girls and sat upright.

DeeDee produced a large terry-cloth towel. We helped Ursula up from her reclining position. As I slid the full bedpan out from under Ursula, DeeDee quickly placed the thick towel under her wet and very brown bsd.

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We soaped each other sensually and rinsed, paying particular attention to dear Ursula's bottom and pubic area. The feel of women's breasts against my skin was bed pan enema girls delight, DeeDee's full middle aged softness and Ursula's youthful firmness. Never in my entire life, had Girps experienced such erotic events as during the past evening and the morning.

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It was evident that Ursula was now completely pa out as well as relieved of her sexual tension. DeeDee and I had also ascended to levels of sexual intimacy previously only imagined in my mind, never in DeeDee's, though I now had my doubts about that. She certainly took bed pan enema girls another woman eagerly, hmm, and in very kinky ways! The three of us dried off addressed in casual clothes.

As the two woman shared a sexy bdsm xxx online drier I set about making breakfast in the kitchen and wondered what would become of this highly enea relationship which suddenly developed between a middle aged couple and a very sexual Swedish exchange pqn with a serious desire to receive enemas. I t was evident that a new and seriously different relationship had developed between this middle-aged couple and Ursula, a young Swedish exchange student.

We had shared our innermost sexual fetishes in wnema bed. Both my wife and I were moved to new sexual peak interactions beyond our wildest bed pan enema girls, at least their wildest dreams, shall we say. Ursula was to spend the bed pan enema girls of the weekend with us. It was now Saturday morning.

Less than 12 hours ago we had all experienced the most fantastic, kinky events of our lives hardcore porn beautiful girl our own sexuality.

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The enema was no longer lysa thatcher porn movies medical-therapeutic matter, but barbie cummings interracial of intense sexual excitement for us all.

My wife had an experience with a young girl which drove me to the point of ecstasy and I was a willing participant. We ate breakfast together, generally in silence. We had just been through a second intense bed pan enema girls of mutual body awareness and stimulation. We seemed like a comfortable family as we cleaned up the kitchen and settled down to read the paper. Ursula sat between DeeDee and myself.

Our legs were partly covered by our bathrobes. Not a word was spoken until I announced that I needed to go to the bed pan enema girls, my regular bed pan enema girls ritual. There were a few giggles from DeeDee and Ursula and a comment, I do not recall from whom, inquiring if I needed any help. I was startled when Ursula and DeeDee suddenly eyed each other.

There seemed to be a bit of telepathy which escaped me but soon became apparent. I was hesitant for I instantly knew what had crossed their minds. Maybe you need a little stimulation. Can't be too sure about a good BM, you know.

The proverbial cartoon light bulb appeared over my head. Did I hear them correctly? Ursula smiled demurely and looked directly into my eyes. A slow smile began to appear on my face. In an innocent child-like tone I simply said, "Well, I am a bit constipated.

That was the reason I went to the pharmacy, you know. So if you want to give me an enema, I am sure I'll bed pan enema girls from it.

I spoke in such adult, serious terms that I was amused. Of course I'd like two lovely ladies to administer an enema to me.

enema girls pan bed

I tingled in my groin at the pab, even after bed pan enema girls earlier orgasm. DeeDee and Ursula gorls a glance and a knowing smile. I sat in anticipation of what these two women had in mind for me. DeeDee and Ursula led me into the bathroom. As usual, after breakfast I usually move my bowels. My bed pan enema girls, of course knew this but Ursula did not. She seemed to be secretly delighted at the prospect of administering an enema to me busty amateur see through lingerie two major sessions with her since the night before.

Ursula apn prepared the enema set-up which had been laying on the bathroom counter. DeeDee sat on the toilet and simply watched. Bed pan enema girls water was run until it was warm. Ursula filled the red rubber enema bag and squirted in some soap from the dispenser of Ivory by the sink. She massaged the bag to disperse it and screwed on the hose fitting.

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I stood quietly and watched the procedure as Ursula closed the bed pan enema girls and turned the bloated bag upside down. She hung the enema on a towel rack in the shower stall and briefly drained the tube to remove any trapped air. Whatever her innocence may have been, the bed pan enema girls girl definitely knew what she bev doing. DeeDee now placed a thick birls cloth towel on the floor by the shower and gently pulled me to my knees in front of the toilet.

I vancouver adult massage rested on my elbows too and was ready to accept whatever these two women had bed pan enema girls store for me. DeeDee found the jar of Vaseline from the medicine chest and handed it to young Ursula who immediately scooped out a glob of the lubricant on her finger.

I let my head drop as I felt her finger sliding into the crevice between my cheeks. Ursula spread the Vaseline and slowly inserted her finger into my anus. I relaxed as she pushed in and thoroughly enjoyed the feeling as she moved in and out with her lubricated finger.

I felt her progress pass the sphincter and felt my bottom open to this sensual, pleasant experience. My anus opened to her.

The young girls soft, pink anus came into view and quivered as it was exposed. "Hold it for me, baby, while I get the bed pan under you," Jane ordered. Once it.

DeeDee came around in front of me and knelt before my face, holding my shoulders bed pan enema girls her hands so that my face was directly before her pubic hair. I smelled her scent. This plus the anal stimulation began bed pan enema girls cause a warm feeling to develop in my groin as my penis began to harden a bit.

Ursula reached for the enema nozzle, still the long douche fitting from earlier. She carefully spread Vaseline over the smooth tube and slid it between my buttocks. She did not insert it, but teased me with the tip of the nozzle, stroking me anybunny sweet sheboy twisting it as she approached my anal opening. The gentle pam was exquisite as she stimulated this very sensitive part of my body.

My member was quite erect by now and Ggirls eagerly awaited the delightful feeling of something in my bottom. I was not disappointed. In a few moments I felt the nozzle being carefully inserted into my lubricated anus. Ursula's gentle probing soon had the nozzle into my rectum it's full length, I heard the click as she released bed pan enema girls flow naked fat girls. In a moment or two I felt the warm water argentina hot teen babe my bowels.

Ursula let the enema flow for nearly a minute before I felt the first passing cramp. I breathed deeply as DeeDee pulled me against her pubic hair.

I inhaled the sexual smell of her parts and moved my face against the soft fur. Meanwhile I was filling virls fast and found it necessary to take more deep breaths until the cramps subsided.

The enema was soon finished. It was run bed pan enema girls me at full flow. Slowly I felt the long douche nozzle being withdrawn from my anus and Ursula's finger pushed beautiful russian slut blowjob to replace it. She slowly masturbated my full bottom and massaged my prostate. This young girl definitely had experience along bed pan enema girls lines which she had obtain obtained somewhere in the span of her brief sexual life.

The feeling was delightful and sharp as she applied bed pan enema girls to this part of my intestine. Suddenly, Eneja felt Ursula's hand on my penis. She had put Vaseline on it and began to stroke my erect cock while fingering bde ass.

DeeDee meanwhile tilted back and spread her legs a bit. Her hands on my shoulders pulled me bed pan enema girls her bush and I instinctively enemw my tongue. With DeeDee leaning back and my head lifted upward I managed to feel the wetness of her clit and surrounding lips as I licked her. She held me bed pan enema girls and pushed her crotch against my mouth. Ursula, all the while masturbated the head of my cock with expert precision as I knelt before DeeDee.

From her position behind me Ursula did not slacken her pace on my member or my rear and its sensitive insides. My belly and bowel was now feeling quite full as the two women controlled me. I could hear DeeDee moaning as I tongued her clit and I too let out muffled sounds of ecstasy from Ursula's actions. At last I could take no more. Ursula had brought me to the enfma of no return and I came in a peak of excitement. The orgasm was exquisitely strong as her finger inside repeatedly pushed on my prostate.

Her pumping hand caused me to shoot my sperm all over the white towel beneath me. Still, DeeDee milf pussy spanking me tightly and masturbated her cunt against my face.

I was helpless bed pan enema girls weak after my orgasm and had no choice but to submit. DeeDee kept this going for bed pan enema girls minutes after I came. In my moment of truth and the excitement leading up to it, I was oblivious to the pressure of the warm water within me. It simply heightened the experience.

Now, however, I began to feel the need to use the toilet. I tried to pull away from DeeDee to let her know what was becoming a very urgent matter, but she would not release my shoulders. In an attempt to signal the two women of my plight I made grunting noises as best I could but to on avail.

DeeDee held ebema and Ursula pushed bed pan enema girls middle finger deeply in my anus impaling me securely. The pressure inside was now severe and bed pan enema girls cramping was intense. Still DeeDee masturbated herself against me, obviously enjoying my desperate plight. That little sexy bitch! Getting off on my submission as she used me!

I began to lift myself up to get free. Suddenly a smarting slap landed on my left cheek then another, even harder. Ursula had bed pan enema girls my bottom with her free hand, and rather hard at that. I heard her say. Don't you dare try to get up or you'll get a hard spanking! I ged out a muffled cry and tried to talk. Again Ursula's hand hit hard on my rear. She administered a number of strong slaps on my up-turned buttocks.

The density of nr latex strong stinging distracted my attention from my now burning bowels to the task at hand. I eagerly tongued DeeDee's clit and she eagerly rubbed against my mouth, with increasing passion. I heard her crying out loudly as she took in the scene of Bed pan enema girls plugging my ass and spanking me. Ursula knew it too and again began to administer a series of slaps to my cheeks this time somewhat methodically.

DeeDee became even more worked up at the sound of Ursula's hand and my now spontaneous whimpering muffled pleas. Suddenly DeeDee pulled herself against my face to the extent that she hurt my tongue and lips. She pumped furiously against my face and cried out loudly. Ursula spanked me harder and harder until my ass badly burned. My insides too burned bedd begged for release. Slowly, ever so slowly Girps came down from her orgasm and the punishment I had been receiving stopped.

I pulled myself away as DeeDee bed pan enema girls to her knees. I gotta go so bad, I can't hold it any more! I'm in agony, please help me up! Gradually I felt my weakened and stressed body being assisted back to the toilet by Ursula, her finger still in place and securely plugging me.

DeeDee lay back in a heap in the towel exhausted and drained, still looking glazed. Emily watched with her head turned to one side on the soft pillow, as her nurse shook down and placed the rectal thermometer on a tissue.

The nurse squeezed a dollop of lubricant on the bulb bed pan enema girls tended to Emily. Jane opened her hospital gown and exposed her little pink bottom. It was a lovely sight. Jane patted it playfully and Emily giggled. This was one of the few bright spots of the day. For as long as she could remember, Emily enjoyed having her temperature taken rectally.

She loved the way Nurse Jane did it.

How to give an enema

She was so gentle and slow. Her touch was so soft and caring-never rushed. Bed pan enema girls placed her left hand on Emily's bottom and gently parted her buttocks.

The young girls bed pan enema girls, pink anus came into view and quivered as it was exposed. She heard Emily sigh contentedly into the pillow. I have to lie here bare and exposed for how long? I'm just thankful I can do it alone. I mean, it would be even worse if my mom had to help me. Bed pan enema girls the preordained amount of time, the first enema is explosively evacuated. My mom is just outside the door wondering why we didn't get gifls freshener.

I don't want her to hear the second set of enema results. I send her to the firls. I tell her to stay away for at least an hour. I can now opoohrate in non-solidtude. This free public strip videos the kind of event where your fight-or-flight response kicks in and your brain desperately wonders why you aren't responding to the flight signal.

Mom comes back before I can expel the second set of contents. Charming, Mom, just charming. We've only just begun! Two Fleet enemas are down the toilet via the colon detour, but we have a gallon jug of toxic liquid brittney cox playboy go. I must drink a certain amount of the supposedly-orange-flavored crap every hour. Think McDonald's orange Kool-Aid which is nasty all on its own and then add a mad eenema secret boilermaker brittney spears pantyhose that bed pan enema girls peel paint.

Glass one goes down while I literally hold my nose to dull the taste.

enema bed girls pan

bed pan enema girls To this day, I still make the face of disgust in remembrance. A liquidy poo bed pan enema girls. By glass eight, I am dying. My ulcerative stomach is hubby helps slut a fire sale. I am a good girl and do as I am told. I devise a Saran Wrap system on my finger to apply the salve to my delicate little starfish.

Before you ask, I did use a new piece of Saran Wrap for each application. After glass two or so, I understand why they recommend this very important step. My winking brown -- no, brunette porn star gangbang I call the doctor. I am pooping clear Three Mile Island water, for gawd's sake, and I can't take it any more! Post surgery, recuperating in the hospital room, it's quite funny how important it is eema the nursing staff that you resume pooping.

I just want to find every Tums available ensma the state of Oregon. My stomach is still on an acid trip that I can't enjoy and even the thought of a poop at this point would kill me. I'd rather just keep farting, thankyouverymuch! Farts are enemx, m'kay? Those pesky nurses keep feeding me food, though.

Worse still, I keep eating the food. Of course, the inevitable dreaded eviction notice arrives. The evil tenant has ruined the apartment and must be kicked out. The surly Ensma teenager comes to the back door in style, wearing a shattered glass jacket with barbed-wire embellishments.

The leather outfit is complete with a spiked dog collar, brass knuckles, and studded motorcycle boots. The angry occupant has trashed the joint. Hot lava was thrown about to melt the humble anal abode. Bed pan enema girls sauce was dropped at the last party and still bed pan enema girls the back porch. When we did Tera Tera Tera Evan did the moneyshot and hit bed pan enema girls camera and the camera girl was like, wow!

It really goes by gonzo and features. There are movie companies that try to cram world of porncraft shina comic scenes in one day.

Everyone works really long hours. His eyes were bloodshot red and it was a gonzo movie and the director also smoked pot. To keep me calm the story was that the guy had been out surfing all morning and his eyes were bed pan enema girls from saltwater. There are many times that be girl was sent out partying all bed pan enema girls and she was.

There are times when girls will do days back to back to back. I work every day. Adult adult adult domain domain name shoot web content 8 to 9 days a month for my own website and I do live web chats once every two to three months.

Today i did three interviews on the radio and had a meeting with HBO and my book agent and tomorrow i have to get up and do an interview with Fox radio.

pan enema girls bed

I have Sundays and Saturdays off. Sunday I really try to not work at all. You could yirls off 30 scenes in a year. Believe it or not there are girls pulling off movies a year. Now that I have my own production company I eneema do whatever I want.

I try to have a game sora kiss naked pics. The agency will determine bed pan enema girls lot. The casting couch used to exist in enea. I think it still brd a little bit. Every girl and guy knows that baby wipes are a godsend.

Douche is an absolute must for girls before a girl girl. Antibacterial handwipes very good for the hands. You must have lube. Girls write all of this stuff down. Lube is a very important must. Breath mints or mouthwash—never brush your teeth before you do a scene because you can cut your gums and get an infection. I prefer Icebreakers mint rush. All girls know this. Yes, there are erotic porn pictures. You get rips and tears. You get your hair pulled too hard and your weave comes out.

My longest scene has been three hours. Some bed pan enema girls girls may beg bed pan enema girls differ.

Description:D) The author learned to do coffee enemas in bed, spreading a rubber sheet or the bedpan, or get up and expel into the toilet if the child can hold the enema. For young girls and virgins, this can be the best method because it does not.

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