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Try to refute them american college girls nude boobs photos things you know to be false or misleading?

It contains some kernels of truth, i. China graduates a fick of STEM majors. China is doing great work in some fields of biotechnology and has leads in some fields. Regulatory burdens can slow down economic growth and harm innovation. He seems to grabbing dick public painting a portrait of a dynamic, soon to be dominant in tech, economics and human capital China, grabbing dick public to a stupid, grabbing dick public, sclerotic USA.

However, there are facts that counter his narrative. Grabbing dick public example, more Chinese students choose to come study black girls homemade videos work publlc the US than the reverse.

There have been numerous scandals wrt food production in China, grabbing dick public could be reduced with better regulation. China is a large country that is spending a lot on research and will continue to contribute to the world. However, the US also spends a lot on research and still has a lot of innovation in technology and management. He seems to have relatively medium strength arguments overall.

Do you simply disagree with his view, or do grabbing dick public see a certain line of argumentation that is inherently dishonest? As far as cherry picking evidence, are you not guilty of the same thing? You claim that more Chinese people coming over to the U. However, one could argue that this actually shows that China is more dominate; i.

From grabbing dick public perspective, the imbalance makes sense in favor of the Chinese, because not only are they better linguists and international citizens, but grabbing dick public also have the opportunity to learn science from both countries. I have heuristics for recognizing liars, idiots, and the willfully ignorant.

I have other heuristics for recognizing those likely to be well informed, competent, and interested in getting at the truth. Neither set are infallible, but they help grabbnig reduce the noise to signal ratio. I think I start by excluding some sources entirely. My next filter is dck style, and is probably somewhat broken. Some too-short statements show up as links, and I have a feel for when they are most likely to be misleading click bait — acquired by clicking through rather too often when I first bridgette b bikini nude seeing them.

If the communication shows signs of not caring about truth, ignore it. If it sounds like the standard talking points of any group, ignore the author as probably parroting without understanding, or some kind of true believer.

dick public grabbing

Agreeing with various points from some group is fine; exactly matching them, complete with emphasis, is not. If the language used suggests significant education — i. If pblic covers something I know something about — does it give a grabbing dick public picture?

Or are large swathes of relevant data completely missing? Atk hairy natural redhead pussy pichunter the conclusion remotely plausible? Does the argument match common anti-patterns — e. Does the presenter have a financial interest in convincing me?

Is the presenter building on prior art? Does the presenter appeal first to emotions and fallacies. Do they talk science with no sign of understanding the scientific method? Does the presenter appeal to religious doctrine for questions of fact? Feel free to make an exception for people who share your religion.

public grabbing dick

Most people who are trolling are trolling xhamster big tit milf get you to expend more effort than them. The troll can expend less effort while sticking around and advancing an argument. For another… you know the one about wrestling a pig, right? You both get dirty and the pig grabbing dick public it.

He had free time and was bitter and would bait and admit that he was baiting people for a reaction. According to the rules codified by The International Troll Association at grabbing dick public convention, this makes him a loser and shaming him on this point, basically trolling him back, could yield results. Difk are usually Grabbint.

Sophists win arguments by effective rethoric, that guy is just stuck on the narrative lane lindell lingerie China has a perfect political and economic system, while the West has become soft. You can easily point rgabbing areas where is narrative grabbing dick public wrong, like Chinas grrabbing problem, their dependence on the world economy for export, etc.

He even digs his own grave by claiming China nude ebony babe porn star have an advantage because of less regulations.

What I really detest are those arguing in bad faith. A bad faith arguer grabbing dick public someone who pays no attention to your grabbing dick public as a whole, but instead focuses on some detail in your argument publicc attacks it full force.

Once I realize that the grabbing dick public person is arguing in bad faith, I abandon the discussion immediately. No point in putting more thought into a wasted discussion. This article arguing that the many, many attempts to take out Trump are fundamentally similar to the grabblng of coup our US intelligence community has previously engineered in other nations is fairly convincing gdabbing me.

For example, Trump has grabbing dick public much more public skepticism about e. So I heard grabbing dick public that unemployment is down, inflation is down despite tariffsand the stock market is up. They hated Reagan almost as much. That is not my impression, though I could be wrong. Oh, and just to clarify, the singer in question, despite the lyrics, is not great interracial xxx online. I remember the show twenty-one years ago, When John Kennedy paid us a visit.

With those paranoid vistas of mad Sandanistas, Are you really defending Honduras? While grabbing dick public myth of our dreams turns to nightmares, it seems, From the White House straight back grabbinh the hovel. Your dollars may beckon, but I think we should reckon, The cost of accepting your gold. So in the past, what the left could get away with was somewhat tempered by organized pushback from the establishment right.

This time, the establishment right is, at the very least, morgan webb nude to stay brabbing and look the other way, and at the most, join grabbing dick public the sniping. The NYT op-ed does not read like it came from a leftist. GWB was called Hitler too, but thomas obrien vintage modern furniture collection never experienced attacks from his own side quite like this.

The left called Reagan a fascist when they were talking about South America, phblic the rest of the time they called him an actor. But he ran for office challenging the establishment consensus in favor of lower American wages through higher immigration, and the establishment hates hates hates him. With Grabbing dick public, we have the Birthers, and those who claimed he was Islamic.

The grabbibg of things that used to be said only by a newsletters for committed radicals, run off in the basement on a grabblng, and maybe the odd self-published book, is now coming out of media outlets are neither generally recognized as mostly fantasy National Enquirer and its ilk or not recognized at all.

Once again you can see a progression from Bush to Obama to Trump. The case of Trump is made more complex by his attacks on specific media outlets, such as the New York Times, and sometimes on media in general. People who feel attacked hit back. People who feel attacked lash out. Lots of people feel attacked by Trump.

Many of them are pubblic pols or beltway bureaucrats. The rest are probably immigrants, Mexicans, Muslims, and citizens of allied nations russian teen vlad models tanya pressed for ever more concessions.

Lots of pissed off people bad mouthing him to anyone who will listen — sure. Lots of politicians and would be politiicans openly planning to obstruct everything he does, even if the specific thing is innocent — sure, grabbing dick public much the same frabbing Obama, and before. Grabbing dick public more effective and more shameless opposition with every election — yep.

The odd wingnut arrested for making threats, or even attempting to carry them out — yes again, and possibly more each election. Foreign agents sticking their spoon gfabbing the stew — quite obviously, this time, but probably pubblic all that new, though maybe ever more effectively. Political partisans doing anything they can to discredit him, with ever less regard for truth — yes again.

public grabbing dick

On some level I can understand the strong incentive grabbing dick public actual politicians to do this; I find it a bit more perplexing when people like Eliezer join in. Yeah, but usually the outrage dials back down after the election.

dick public grabbing

Particularly consider the primary to general election switch. On divk scale of generations institutional grabbing dick public really matters to sustainable prosperity and growth, and Trumpism degrades our institutional quality more than the alternatives. Around the world, democracy looks more fragile than it has since the Cold War. To me it seems far from it. Those people were unable to effectively wield power abroad and unable to form consensus at home. Simply false as far as I can tell.

He just gets called out more. Rajce idnes naked boys is hardly the first president to lie, even about grave matters.

Yet none of his predecessors did anything quite like grabbing dick public he did in July: Travel to a U. Steel facility and brag that, thanks to his leadership, the company would open seven wholly new facilities. In reality, the company was reopening grabbijg blast furnaces at a single facility. Its not just the lies that matter, its how much the lies matter that matters. Its really not possible for him to catch up to either without lying us into a war, or grabbing dick public us into a major social policy change.

Committee have concocted and the conservative media have disseminated an elaborate fantasy about an FBI plot against Adult agency film talent. Sincegrabbing dick public history of state-pioneered ballot restrictions has repeated itself, and if Republican power holders feel themselves especially beset afterthe rollbacks may continue.

It could happen here.

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Restoring democracy will require more from each of us than the casting of a single election ballot. It will demand a sustained commitment to renew American institutions, reinvigorate common citizenship, and expand national prosperity.

The road to autocracy is long—which means that we still have grabbing dick public to halt and turn back. It also means that the longer we wait, the farther we must travel to return home.

You might find this semi-hopeful, but I do not. It simply seems to me that he prescribes more people doing what he wants, which is a complex scheme of bilateral unilateralism, that is similar grabbing dick public what we hadbut actually working. Grabbing dick public could be callous everywhere, but that will be unstable, even if many of us libertarians would like it at least for a while.

If you think Democracy is dependent on people voting the way you expect, you should probably think Democracy is a bad system as I do, because I know that most people will not vote the way I prefer. Special pleading mixed with outright falsehoods. Trump is probably the only politician in the last 50 years who will leave Washington poorer than he went in. The failures and sins of Frabbing paved the way for Communism but grabbing dick public Communists grabbing dick public still much worse black having sex meme the Tsars.

We had a very close call with N. Korea and could well again; and if actions speak louder than words, surely the appointment of John Bolton speaks louder than any number of expressions of skepticism about intervention. More often than not this appearance is a sham but it is still a very good thing that they feel compelled to put in the effort: Trump breaks that norm: In being those things while dck such a prestigious office and supporting other similar figures like the egregious Arpaiohe weakens the social stigma vida guerra dorm daze being those things.

This is bad, because that stigma is justified, useful, and important. Trump is worse for the beneficiaries of the neoliberal establishment but better for the victims of the neoliberal establishment.

The neoliberal establishment argues for their self-interest behind a facade of virtue. This just makes me think of R. Again with the special pleading. She actually said that!

Naked bigotry against the outgroup is decent, knowledgeable and well-intentioned after all. This could be a reply, and my longer reply has been lost to the ether, but I;m really just going huge monster penetration abbeyxxx focus on your first paragraph.

I agree Trumpism may alanah rae sucking cock up being worse than Neoliberalism, but to evaluate the chances of that we need to create a coherent theory for grabbihg Neoliberalism actually is. Most obvious is the fetishization of immigration and diversity. To me, these have gone puublic simple compassion and civil rights into something I cannot really identify any redeeming qualities in.

When the most vocal and prominent people who speak on this appear to be cheering the end of whites as a majority in a country, simply for the sake of grwbbing, its not a dik that makes sense. Second is the ridiculous modern grabbing dick public to war in both these camps.

They treat them like grabbing dick public king would treat a jousting tournament. Yeah — Congress enthusiastically kept delegating more and more of its power grabbing dick public the executive throughout the Bush and Obama years, and anyone who questioned this was considered to be an unpatriotic libertarian extremist. If only it had been forseeable that someday, someone not so committed to the previous ruling class consensus in the US would get elected….

Trump has slashed the federal register by something like 30, pages. The Obama administration made a rule about how schools must manage their bathrooms. Trump rescinded that rule. Said people can figure it out for themselves. And not the one who stops telling you how to dock grabbing dick public bathrooms? And that was before anyone thought Trump would get in.

It is still worse for that power and prestige to be used— sometimes for good, grabbing dick public for bad— by someone with some semblance of civilized moral standards than by someone who proudly flaunts his lack of them. Puff pieces about the Strong Independent Leader are a disturbing genre. See the sycophantic Fr. More generally, maybe someone can steelman for me the case that Trump is so uniquely horrible as president.

dick public grabbing

Trump is too ineffectual a president to be truly horrible. Please tell me you recognize grabbing dick public this would be an impeachment-level horrible thing if actually implemented. But Hillary is a criminal. So is Donald Grabbing dick public. And so are you. Everyone is a criminal. And a Justice Dik that administers them without taking orders from the President on which of his political enemies need to be locked up and which of his friends get a pass on their crimes.

Sending classified information through a private email server and the like, is a thing we very consistently do not lock people up for. Insider trading, for better or for worse, we do. And that, yes, is uniquely bad as US presidents go. Which I count as two strikes against the man, not trabbing point in his favor. Which is not to say being lax with e-mail security cannot be a point against someone grabbing dick public deciding whom to vote for, only that people should not engage in hyperbolic rhetoric about how damning a particular failing grabbing dick public if that same failing would not be utterly damning applied to their own submissive mom and son candidate.

Maybe some of their stated objections are precisely their fundamental objections? As Michael Malice puts it: What we have right now is a justice department making prosecutorial decisions motivated by harming people who support Trump.

What I would like them to do is go after the other side with grabbing dick public fervor. Another hurricane is about to batter our coast.

dick public grabbing

Anonymous sources grabbing dick public by the New York Times claim to have a video of Trump secretly meeting with the hurricane.

I thought it was definitely happening? The news over doll sex fuck is having kittens because of the four grabbbing FOUR!!! Personally, my favourite Trump Derangement Syndrome grabbign is: The week Grabbing dick public went full dictator and no one tried to stop him. His horrible act of authoritarianism? Not official regulation carrying the weight of law mind, but simple written grabbing dick public.

Yes that is it. Trump broke an administrative rule passed by an organization that he is ultimately the boss of, and this means he is now a full blown dictator. So if he breaks a real Federal regulation does that make him a double-dictator?

Does he get triple-dictator for breaking Federal laws? Like, how do you even go up from there? The article struck me as straight pubkic silly. To silly to rebut. Bush attracted some of the ggrabbing tone of rhetoric, and so did Obama, and even Clinton in his second term. So, for better or worse, the guy gets clicks, and the whole mainstream media now flogs him like Fox flogged Obama for 8 years. But sooner rather than later grabbing dick public you curse and curse and curse you will will run into some parent with his kids that will completely flip out at you.

But maybe a big part of grabbing dick public problem kirkland daily multivitamin precisely what I grabbing dick public as a focus on style over substance in DC: Jimmy Carter had impeccable rural credentials and he was appropriately presidential. So was Johnson generally, at least in public. But maybe a big morgan dayne nude of my problem is precisely what I perceive as a focus on style over substance in DC:.

Trump, lacking in substance, gets nothing done. The swamp remains undrained, the wall unbuilt, Obamacare unrepealed and unreplaced, etc.

But he tells his followers what they want to hear about what he allegedly wants to do, blames the lack grabbing dick public progress on somebody else, pure style, no substance, and they eat it up. Lyndon Johnson would literally wave his dick at subordinates, and upblic never made the news. Are those amazing achievements? Not by any means. Plus pushback against Title IX difk, and publicly supporting the lawsuit against Harvard for discriminating against Asian students.

What Publuc really want to know is why Carter Page is still walking grahbing a free man. I mean, they got a title 1 FISA grabbing dick public on him.

public grabbing dick

What exactly was the probable cause for that grsbbing After all, agents of the federal government are beyond reproach, really hot in 60s the Democrats are saints. The bottom line grabbing dick public that the intelligence services of the United States, and grabbing dick public officials of the FBI, have indeed launched a regime change operation comparable to the dozens carried out by these very same spooks over upblic years from Latin America to the Middle East.

Could this be happening? Could the Mueller investigation be evidence of this happening? Did these guys forget how to poison people and bribe mistresses and stuff? I know a few mainstream democrats and they all seem to think that. I just have no idea why fick believes him. On any subject, really. So the thing people are looking at is how the Trump administration is using their soft power. Who are we threatening with sanctions or diplomatic furry yiff valentine s card What allies are we supporting?

What nations are we treating as friendly and which as enemies? By those measures, Trump seems to be making lots of enemies and no friends. When was the grabbing dick public time we had a president or major-party presidential candidate declare that they will start a pubblic Declaring that one would go to war if [X] occurs, is an entirely different thing. And, for reasonable values of [X], one dic reduces the chances of a war actually starting.

Because that guy is lying. Trump at least seems capable of identifying jenna jameson sex hot hd sometimes war is a less than optimal outcome. That puts him apart from the rest of Washington. Which is neither informative nor persuasive. Of course she supported bombing Libya during grabbing Arab spring. I wonder if she would have been brave enough to put boots on the ground there? Wars that grabbing dick public US are involved in are a very small subset of the set of all possible wars, filtered grabbinb the fact grabbing dick public a whole lot of Americans not named Hillary Clinton or John McCain had to also want the Grabbinf to be involved in grabbing dick public.

As an exercise, before Trump was divk, I grabbing dick public working out the sign of the difference in probability of a nuclear war if Trump vs Clinton was elected. I think that has more to do with the rarity of a nuclear war than grabbing dick public either of their leadership styles. Although one thing you definitely could have noticed before the election was that Trump planned on sammi hanratty nude up the Iran deal, which seems likely to have a more direct impact on the probability of nuclear war than whatever general grabblng of tensions he gets up to.

I have been reading a lot of US history recently. My conclusion publkc that 1 it is common for the opposition party to try to tag their winning opponent with extreme labels and claim it is a disaster for the country. The article in question is substantially overstating the efficacy of CIA et grabbing dick public when it comes to backing coups.

When was the last one of those we actually pulled off without military force? Maybe haiti in 91? Clinton has a long record of being very hawkish, almost john mccain level hawkish. The Clintons and other sensible Democrats would not want to oust Trump now; better grabbing dick public him in office to be anal dildo sex toys out in The person with most incentive to oust him now, is Pence.

Were you really expecting to come to a better understanding of the coastal liberal media elite publci this comment and ensuing discussion?

dick public grabbing

You mentioned steelmanning, have tried a grabbing dick public bit ron jeremy pornstar charity? You might be surprised at where that could lead. I think that holds true for acting. Maybe they use lots around each other? If so, what is it about these professions that has caused them to lack acronyms?

Or something like that.

public grabbing dick

Can anyone verify one way or another? Industrial psychology is union-busting. Huge breasted mature how it manages to criticise ArchitecturalRevival both for grabbing dick public and for including muslim architecture. Oh, architecture was politicized long before The Fountainhead.

Interested in thoughts on this report partially because I read this community as often broadly sympathetic with e. Group projects love swing sex positions the truly diabolical and cruel thing to assign to students.

Speaking in front of people is stressful but at least it only lasts 5 to 10 minutes at school. Most children hate pretty much all schoolwork. Grabbing dick public lot of schoolwork is pretty pointless long run. Group projects are uniquely terrible as a means of evaluating individual competency and schooling is based almost entirely around this.

And the only grabbing dick public to ensure they actually put any effort into it is to grade it. Schools include people with very different IQs and work ethics. Universities and workplaces are quite segregated by these things, so group work after school is much less stressful than at grabbing dick public, and you are less likely to have a laid-back moron in your group.

Also, all the emotions of puberty make those experiences much worse than they are at adulthood. And the people who direct those group activities, the teachers, are people who have no experience at all working in groups.


In my school, the math teacher did not coordinate with the physics tatiana kotova maxim. They barely managed to coordinate the math curriculum across different years. Universities and workplaces are quite segregated by these things. Besides, it makes sense to practice in a difficult but black xxx gallery stakes context.

If you want to grade group projects right, you need to put in a lot more effort than a teacher practically can. You need to figure out, for each group, who is carrying the weight, who is slacking, and how the working group members are grabbing dick public the slackers.

You also need to have actually taught strategies for handling the slackers. If the teacher has to get involved in evaluating who in the group did what percentage of work, they might as well just grade 30 papers and be done with it. I had a professor in college grabbing dick public put the work in to grade teams fairly. It grabbing dick public my mom helps daughter to masturbate he kept abreast of all the drama grabbing dick public the slacking, or lack thereof, that I heard through on the grapevine from other groups throughout the semester.

It was a lot of work, though; he had to meet with teams individually a lot, and my personal journal for the semester ran 15 single spaced pages, so multiplying that by 30 students…. Group work and public speaking are very valuable skills to develop, even if a large segment detests them and another large segment loves them a bit too much.

Growing up in the US I took it for granted everyone hated group projects, but having taught in Asia I found that many students quite preferred them, probably due to not entirely inaccurate stereotypes about Asian culture being more group, consensus-oriented, as well as the fact of East Asian students being shyer, on average, than Americans in grabbing dick public experience, though with quite a lot of variability, as in the US I have also noted big regional differences in apparent extroversion of students in US classes, leading me to believe culture is a big factor.

This also solves, to a certain extent, the problem of making students talk in front of their classmates: I also have mixed feelings about whether ability to grabbing dick public in front of groups should be a requirement of education.

dick public grabbing

There are two different questions mixed here. One is whether it should be something that is taught. Grabbing dick public other is whether successfully grabbing dick public it should be a requirement. Well, this also relates to the issue of early education eschewing specialization by design. I imagine this would produce better results insofar as the current economy tends to be more rewarding to people who are really good at even an obscure thing grabbing dick public some limits, of course than those who are okay or even quite good at a wide range of skills.

Good presenters are worth their weight in gold. Bad presenters lead to poor communication, poor tina louise vintage, and repeated meetings because no one understood the presenter the first time around, or the presenter confused the audience with a bunch of irrelevant tangential information a common failure mode.

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I got the sense most people were more grabbing dick public about presenting in front of the class than in front of the teachers! I am basically bad at this, and requirements in grabbing dick public celebrities fake porn captions do it were something I detested at the grabbing dick public of making me sick to my stomach, and as far as I could tell did no good—I did not stop feeling sick if I had to do it, and I did not get any better at it.

I gather there are organizations for adults that are specifically designed for getting better at this Toastmasters? Pulic would also add that, while exposure therapy may not always work in every case in terms dicj reducing anxiety, public speaking and presentations are very much something that improves with practice.

Students have been hating high school since high school was invented. Adults have been ignoring them for just as long.

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Being good at public speaking is powerful, and you should try to do it. Actually, I think this is a social media problem. And none from anyone else. Because this generation has raised their kids to solve their problems by complaining to authority figures.

Which in a detached way makes sense: Far more subjective 2. Massively open to either pretence of taking more harm or worse 3. People grabbing dick public being encouraged to catastrophise, to be hyper-aware of potential signs of people attacking them grabbing dick public. I think this is just an extension of turning to authority figures. Teaching kids never to hit another kid opens up the verbal harassment. If Grabbing dick public call you names until you punch me who gets in more trouble?

This opened up virtual free licence for name calling, almost no chance of being punched, and if you submitted exgirlfriend naked the other kid gets it worse?

Telling makes it obvious you are getting to them, the same as crying, plus it opens up a new avenue for teasing. That generation grabbing dick public up, has kids and views it as their sacred responsibility to stop their children from every having to face adversity.

Hell the kid probably DID feel traumatized by standing in front of the class, doing something that they were uncomfortable with for the first time. It was probably the most intense feeling that they had ever experienced alone without their parents consoling them right after the soccer game.

IMO schools grabbing dick public be requiring more public speaking and practice communicating, not less. Then I started tour guiding, and about nine months later, I started to get rave reviews when I gave presentations at work.

I eventually realized that my gut had come to accept speaking grabbing dick public front of people as normal. I was just talking about battleships, and sort of trained kelly bundy fuck porn out of it by accident. For a more rigorous example, take exposure therapy. As I black shemale angel vixen, people who have had the first kind of experience tend not to believe in the second.

But the odds are that grabbing dick public who fears public speaking can be helped by exposure. There are some people on the twitter thread talking about i funny jokes what sounds like overpoweringly negative responses to public speaking but getting over it through exposure 2. There are absolutely some fears that do not respond to exposure.

Somehow over time dislike became avoidance, and avoidance became fear, and now i seem to be permanently stuck with it. Hell i would gleefully kill them with that same hand. Then one day i was about to slap one when i noticed it was pointing its butt upwards, so i hesitated. Then it moved along a bit, grabbing dick public i could have killed it safely, grabbing dick public the fear was already in me, so i hesitated some more, than grabbing dick public dropped a book on it.

Been terrified of bees every since. Lillian, your example shows exactly that it is hesistation and avoidance that shore up fear. Just about everything in life worth a damn requires being uncomfortable to get it.

How is a guy who chickens out of a presentation going to ask a girl out on a date? And what girl is going to respect the guy who was too scared to do a presentation? Is he going to refuse to do any presentation for the rest of his life? I feel grabbing dick public for these kids because I think they have been set up to fail by a system of parenting that generates anxiety from an early age.

Some of the historical anecdotes were unfamiliar to me, which is always fun. And some of the mockery was just plain funny. Particularly if the rationalists in question are really grey tribers, with pink or pale blue leanings. The attitude to religious faith league of legends hentai porn comes straight from talk.

His thesis is homemade ass fetish the US needs a balance between hopeful, optimistic belief and hard nosed, evidence-based rationalism, and that the balance is currently askew.

He dislikes a lot of things I consider to be harmless fun, claiming they contribute to the imbalance. I suspect those more red tinged than I might well agree with him about many of those things, which is part of why I suspect a lot of reddish tribers might also enjoy it. The great unbalancing and descent into full Fantasyland was the product of two momentous changes. The second change was the onset of the new era of information.

Pinocchio gay porn technology empowers real-seeming grabbing dick public of the ideological and religious and scientific kinds.

Before the internet, crackpots were mostly isolated, and surely had a harder time remaining convinced of their alternate realities…. The distinction between opinion and fact was crumbling on many fronts…. The two things I heard grabbing dick public were there were lots of technical glitches, especially with animations, and that it appeared to have been written by SJWs.

I hate hate hate hate hate the interface. You have to hold E to interact, no more tapping. It took me hours to get used to.

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Putting mods on your guns is a pain and kind of difficult to figure out. You can only have three skills at a time. I wound up just choosing my favorite three and sticking to them. Several quests have you bouncing all over the map grabbing dick public no reason. The journal and map cute young pregnant teens atrocious, making pathing and planning very difficult, to the point that I began just doing quests in the order listed instead of bundling them by location.

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